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​​We Offer Managed Services and Products for the following

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Computer Network setup, Management and Data security.

We provide solutions for setting your office network from wiring infrastructure planning, design and implementation at affordable cost. We offer Server solutions that can be either On-site, Cloud Based or a combination of the two.
We understand how important up-time is and so we are available 24/7 through our support team to help make sure that your systems are maintained and running effectively. We will make sure that your computer systems are up-to-date with the latest software patches which help with vulnerability.  
Security is very important today. Having a security network helps not only protects your personal information but also your valuable client’s information. At CCN Consulting, we provide high-end Firewall solutions which are placed at the first point of entry into your environment. Preventing access to uninvited and unwanted folks. We also provide a solution where in all of you Data are Backup to cloud keeping a copy of your data off premise in case of an emergency. At the same time, we also provide solutions were in you can have all of your Data securely backup to an external Network Access Storage (NAS) system. A third option is we can have a Storage Area Network (SAN) setup for you.

VOIP Telecommunication System

With the changes in communication and the fast growth of the internet, CCN Consulting offers our customers VOIP solutions that range from On-premise, Cloud, or a Hybrid of the two. If you are thinking or not sure about VOIP; it is the newest standard in business telephone systems. With VOIP, you get to save in the cost of you phone calls and solutions compared to a traditional PBX.

Access Control

Controlling who is or is not allow into your business is just as important. At CCN Consulting, we offer solutions of Access Control. We offer keys entry solutions, Motions detection system, and Video Security system. With our help, you can have a full solution of security at you finger tip knowing who or what came into your business. All of these can be view onsite or remotely.